Mazda MX5 Rust Removal

Mazda MX5 Rust Removal

We teamed up with Frank and his treasured MK2 Mazda MX5 (2000), a beloved Japanese roadster adored for its nimble handling and iconic style.
Through this journey, we’re not just fixing a car; we’re bringing Frank’s MX5 back to life, ready to hit the road with its original charm intact.
a car on a lift in a garage
a car on a lift

The Challenge

Frank reached out to us via Instagram after discovering our profile and perusing our portfolio. He expressed concern about the presence of rusty areas on the rear arches of his MX5. As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the gravity of rust issues; left untreated, they have the potential to spread, compromising the structural integrity of the vehicle and rendering it increasingly unroadworthy. Ultimately, the fate of the MX5 shouldn’t be relegated to the scrapyard, and we’re committed to providing comprehensive solutions, including rust treatment and prevention measures, to ensure Frank’s car remains a reliable and enjoyable ride for years to come. Upon Frank’s arrival at our workshop, we conducted a thorough visual evaluation of the vehicle to confirm the extent of the damage and to discuss Frank’s specific restoration goals in detail.

The Solution

Our approach to addressing rust issues is thorough and systematics. We begin by wire wheeling the outer wheel arch to reveal underlying rust, then strategically cutting out rusted areas to assess the extent of damage. Once this is done, we proceed to cut out the second layer of rust on the inner sill at the bottom of the arch.


To replace damaged sections, we opt for pre-fabricated repair panels from a specialist supplier, which proves to be a cost-effective solution compared to in-house fabrication. After cutting and preparing the new panels, including spraying them with copper primer for rust protection near welds, we weld them into place using a mig welder.


Once the welding is complete, we meticulously grind the welds for a smooth finish before applying epoxy primer over the repaired areas for added protection.


Moving on to the inner wheel well splash guard panel, we first wire wheel back to expose spot welds, then carefully grind out these welds to remove the panel. After treating the areas behind the splash panel and preparing them for welding, we drill holes in the new panel for plug welding, ensuring a secure fit.


The new panel is then welded in place, and plug welds are ground back smoothly before applying epoxy primer to complete the repair.


For the outer wheel arch, we cut and shape a new panel, drilling holes for plug welding and spraying copper primer on the inner side for rust prevention. We then carefully trace and cut the new panel for precise fitment, and fabricate any necessary repairs to the inner arch lip.


After welding the new outer arch in place, we grind back welds meticulously and sand the area with 80grit using a DA sander, we proceed by taping off the repaired section to ensure precision, and then coat it entirely in epoxy primer. This additional step serves to provide an extra layer of protection, safeguarding the repaired area until it undergoes the final painting process.


With all the repairs done on the inner wheel arch a stone chip rust prevention under seal  is applied leaving the finished product looking as if it has just left the factory back in the year 2000. Not only does this look fresh and amazing, it also seals in and rust proofs for the foreseeable future.


This methodical approach ensures quality restoration and long-lasting results.


Frank was immensely satisfied with the craftsmanship and restored condition of his MX5’s rear arches. His positive experience and the visible quality of our work led him to leave us an amazing review and he has since booked in again for some custom engine bay work!



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